Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stage psychosis

Created and performed by Carmen Coţofană
Duration: 25 min

The solo Stage Psychosis is meant to be a brief analysis of the concept of mask, regarded not only from a psychosocial point of view, as ‘persona‘, but also from a theatrical one, starting from the hypothesis that one uses the ‘mask‘ to protect his/her intimacy, and also as an instrument of regulation and adaptation. By using this investigation in a stage context, the piece aims to discover theatrical attitudes and mechanisms accessed through the performer’s own mask.

Friday, December 17, 2010

recycle me

Recycle me a solo performance presented in Nottdance Festival 2008 and Romanian Dance Platform CNDB 2009
Choreographer and performer: Carmen Cotofana

Ready "modern" made

Ready "Modern" Made dance solo by Florin Fieroiu presented in the SESC “Forum Mondial Cultural” festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil (2004), RESTART ’07 Festival at CND Bucharest (2007)

back to zero

Performance by and with Carmen Coţofană
duration: 40 min
Financed by: "George Apostu" Cultural Centre Bacău, ArtistNe(s)t Association, The Center for Choreographic Creation Trois C-L Luxembourg, CNDB in 2010

"Starting from an examination of her own body, hands, head, legs, nails, but also her own artistic experiences, as performer, largely, involved in different stage/choreographic discourses, with different tasks, Carmen Coţofană comes to possess a dynamic and mature informational baggage, etc. Hence, in this project, Carmen Coţofană leads a terrible, complex, harsh battle, never seen before, anywhere. Some say that she fell off her horse and died under the hooves of her men's horses. Others say that she was killed by a spear."

cvartet pentru o lavaliera

“Quartet for microphone” dance project by Vava Stefanescu 
Co-autori: Carmen Cotofana, Mihaela Dancs, Farid Fairuz (dansatori), Julien Trambouze(sunet)                                                                                                                                              Sponsor realizarea decorului: MAGNUM
Sponsor: Liternet
Proiect realizat cu sprijinul AFCN
Productie independenta 2008

8 days a week

8 days a week
by Eduard Gabia
with: Carmen Coţofană, Maria Baroncea, Florin Fieroiu, Brynjar Bandlien, Florin Flueraş
Kaai Theater/Bruxelles 2006

first steps

First Steps
dance project in collaboration with Mihaela Dancs (dancer and choreographer) and Rui Catalao (dramaturgist) presented in premiere in Explore Dance Festival/Bucharest 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010



Concept: Mădălina Dan

Performance: Maria Baroncea, Carmen Coţofană, Mihaela Dancs, Mădălina Dan
Dramaturgy: Rui Catalao
Set design: Mara Grigoriu
Production: CNDB 2008